PDFizer is a simple XHTML to PDF converter; with this library, you can transform simple XHTML pages into nice and printable PDF files.

You can download the latest version of PDFizer from Sourceforge.net.

History of the Project

This software was originally published in several development webzines by Jonathan de Halleux (one of which can be found at CodeProject). The original version used NTidy for HTML cleanup and parsing and did not support tables. We have applied bugfixes, changed the code to use the built in XML libraries for parsing, and implemented support for more XHTML elements; most notably tables. The sofware is stable and we are using it in production. However, there is much room for improvement. In the future we hope to implement more elements and possibly CSS support.


Currently this code has been tested and used on the Microsoft .Net and the Mono platforms. However, we hope to actively support the Dot Gnu project as well.


This library requires the iTextSharp library, which in turn requires the #ziplib library. Our binary releases include the version of these libraries against which the release was compiled. However, we recommend that developers who are compiling the latest PDFizer source download the latest version of these libraries from the above links.