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PCSW.us is a software consulting company dedicated to excelence in software design and construction. The old adage “Use the right tool for the job” is very correct; and we work hard to keep our toolbox full of the best tools.

We Listen

Software is important to your company. Not only does it make your employees productive, but good software is a tool that allows you to stay informed about what is happening in your business. When you rely on software so heavily, it is critical that the software be well designed and professionally built.

We understand that you have business processes for a reason and that these processes allow you to run a successful business. We will build software which will complement your business and fit into your processeses, not require you to redesign your business processes around the software.

We Are Dedicated

PCSW.us is able to design and build software based on your company's needs. We are able to work with you to ensure that all your needs are identified and all requirements documented. Once requirements have been identified, we will create a design that will fulfill them.

Why we do it

We have a passion for excellence and a drive to meet the needs and challenges of your business. It is what we look for and what keeps us motivated. We are in the business of software, but realize that software is a means to an end and that everything we do is about the people using the software. We are here to help.

Skills & History

Created client software consuming SOA based services for the Leapfrog Connect application and the Learning Path site using OSS frameworks with Spring, Apache CXF, Wicket, Javascript, JQuery, OpenLazlo, Maven2.
Worked on numerous projects for hugely profitalble online retailer using Apache Camel components to integrate between different systems (financial, warehouse, catalog taxonomy). Maintained and extended capabilities of a system for syncing product information between them and other vendors and retailers using Camel and AMQ. Implemented a system, maintained, and extended a system for sending catalog data to third party software using in the warehousing systems through Camel and AMQ. Designed and implemented a system for exporting catalog and merchant data to third parties in various formats using a custom rules engine and Elasticsearch. Implemented a system allowing internal users to manage catalog item taxonomy.
Worked on credit card transaction processing system with extremely high transaction rate which calculates clawback rate on rewards earned when purchases are returned. Technologies used include Camel, AMQ, Spring, JSON, Restful APIs and Drools business rules management system. Did software redesigns for improved speed and efficiency.
Designed and implemented system for taking in, data warehousing, and tracking inspections made on wind turbine farms. Very large amounts of data, including images taken of equipment and GPS positional information collected, stored, and reported. Technologies used include ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, myBatis, Spring, Restful APIs, JSON, JSP, CSS, SRP and JavaScript (Bootstrap, JQuery) .
Worked with a very large team of architects and professionals to design and manage a project to modernize online systems allowing students to study, practice and test using state of the art online tools. Technologies used include Java, Cassandra, XML, JSON, AETOS, Restful Web Services, AWS, Spring, and ElasticSearch.
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